• Choose & Match

    Choose & Match

    STEP 1 - Screen and qualify

    Based in Ukraine since 2005, we personally interview the chosen women and vet their real interest in meeting you. After you start communicating with the approved women and are supported by our feedback on how the communication unfolds, our dating expert advice will help you make the most conducive decision electing with whom to proceed dating on the next step.

  • Talk & Match

    Talk & Match

    STEP 2 - Video chat your favorites

    Personally, interview your favorites via Skype video chat to assure trust and erase doubts, reaffirming the mutual interest in moving forward dating Ukrainian women. Based on the interviews' outcome, exchange contacts for more private communication reassuring the next right step is to visit Ukraine and meet in-person.

  • Meet & Match

    Meet & Match

    STEP 3 - Privately meet your matches

    Assisted in-country with concierge service and ongoing tailored dating coach and advice; we schedule the meetings with your favored women or any other new prospective match. Only such bespoke and follow-ups can maximize hopes and grant you a purposeful, safe dating trip to Ukraine.

  • Skype Dates

    Skype Dates

    Verify live who you want to meet

    After we personally verify your favorite women's real interest in communicating with you and having an affirmative and credible acceptance, we schedule individual live Skype calls. Throughout ongoing consultation and feedback, you can assure the future best pathway by personally exchange contacts.

  • Matchmaker Consultation Call

    Matchmaker Consultation Call

    Evaluate your future success in dating internationally

    Get answers to nagging questions. Acknowledge what to expect and avoid. Let's break down all your doubts. Consult with Alex, an international and reputable dating expert based in Ukraine since 2005, to help you explore what may hold you back to succeed in dating abroad— a small investment for significant emotional and financial savings.

  • Background Check

    Background Check

    Validate online users reliability

    Verify the authenticity of the women you are in contact with and subsequently evaluate your prospective success. Based in Ukraine, we have gathered extensive knowledge and assess to information sources not available online. Receive a valuable and tailored report with advice regarding the findings.

  • Tailored Matchmaking

    Tailored Matchmaking

    Focused on individual assessment and goals

    Enjoy long years of tested and proven matchmaking methodology tailored to identify the most suitable matches within fittest match ability through a nationwide professional team. Supported by your devoted matchmaker continuous, and tailored coaching enhancing your results, meet the best-handpicked women matching your goals and preferences.

  • Elected Singles Event

    Elected Singles Event

    All-inclusive 7-days elite dating events

    Men and women pre-select each other before traveling. Meet your elected women in an elite group of Tailored Matchmaking clients. It includes two venues on different days and a restricted number of men in a 1:5 ratio. 6-nights in an upper-level hotel, airport transfers, and transportation to the events. An assigned interpreter per each man and group/individual dating coaching sessions and feedback.

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