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What Ukrainian women search for in a foreign man and why.

What are the issues regarding age gap and ethnic prejudice.

Online paid letter-writting and how to identify a fake letter.

Other men expirienced testimonial upon Do's & Don'ts.

Profiles veracity and how to detect proofread illicit ones.

Both parts cultural differences, language and mindset.

Foreigner men characteristics vs perspective success.

Uncover de match between expectations and reality.

How to decode her and reciprocate her expectations.

Getting started Are you talking with a scammer or the Ukrainian women of you dreams

Do not risk financial loss and emotional harm. All that nobody tells you and you reality need to know about interational dating and online dating is here. These unique educational videos will walk you through the online dating industry structure and operating system, since interviews with legit Ukrainian women till operative scammers.

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What to expect

If you sincerely wish to marry a Ukrainian woman without ther risk of wasting your time, expectations and money in vain, honest, expirienced guidance from another inside-country foreigner man is all you need to succeed. Experienced and realistics advice of living in ther same country as the woman you are searching.

What NOT to expect

Forget those cliches that estimate traditional Russian Ukrainian woman, who are thought to be homebodies, obedient (so to say beautiful and silent) and are ready to do everything but leav their country. Do not have the illusion that you are a brave cavalier in armour whose mission is to rescure these "poor" Slavic woman from their horrible life! If that's your line of thoughts, ypu are too far from the reality and the truth.