Dear Prospective Client:
Since it was found in 2005, FHDating has achieved "best in class" reputation for its service to its male clients, as well as trusted relations with the Ladies you are interested in. Because Alex Pinto lives in the same city and actively manages our agency 24/7, we directly interact with the Ladies and have their trust.
Please show you are serious by carefully reading this page. It carefully and clearly lays out the best procedures and pricing for the services in which you have interest. We pride ourselves on being proactive and consultative, so we are here to answer your questions and offer our best advice.
Our mission is to help you find and meet the Ladies of your choice whose backgrounds have been personally checked by us and most importantly, the ladies who themselves have expressed an active and sincere interest in meeting you.
Therefore, our Membership Services and Evaluation Program are designed to help you find, confirm, and communicate with the Ladies with whom you can plan your meetings and start building a genuine relationship.
We do not guarantee that every one of our Members will find the love of their lives in a year. What we do guarantee is the integrity of our services, accurate and genuine communication of the Ladies` words and intent, and the confirmed verification of our Ladies` backgrounds and their relationship status.
We are dedicated to serving only Poltava and its immediate vicinity. And we meet and interview literally every single one of our ladies and directly communicate with them on behalf of our Members.
We do not offer passive administrative and translation services. We will actively advise you to maximize your chance of success based on our understanding of the local culture and the individual ladies.
We do not and will not withhold pertinent information from our Members. We represent and serve our Members` interests so that you can make up your own mind and control your own relationships. We will help and advise you every step of the way so that you can concentrate solely on your lady and your relationship. Leave everything else to us. Love cannot be guaranteed or arranged. But we will do everything possible to help you succeed in your search.
This is the FHDating difference… This is the FHDating mission.
Your Friend in Poltava, Ukraine,
Alex Pinto
Alex Pinto, Resident European CEO