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Based in Ukraine since 2005 and permanently managed by Alex Pinto a resident foreigner. Having all the acquired knowledge upon human factor and witnessing the hoax which had victimized and discredited so many men and women expectations, we created the Step-by-Step Trust Building Membership Program to facilitate honest people in meeting each other through our effective and realistic Personalized Match Search and restore hope, because we all deserve the best we can have!

How to succeed searching for a bride?

It’s a delicate and serious commitment!
You will be dealing with a woman… and with a complete different background and mentality. Different personalities and goals from both of you demand a specific attention to each case.


  • How to emphasize and promote each of your best individual characteristics towards success
  • How to optimize self-representation and attitudes to fit local reality and ways of thinking
  • Guide your steps to achieve more and streamline positive and effective communication
  • Help you to have the best interaction with locals without avoiding being yourself
  • How to avoid and correct improper strategies of behavior which may not favor you
  • Reinforce self-confidence when in an unknown and strange adverse environment
  • Help to better understand the reasons behind lady’s “incomprehensible” attitude
  • Unveil peculiarities of both sides’ culture increasing chances for compatibility

All this requires an honest and personalized grounded support and guidance adapted to each individual case, in total disregard of financial interests.
Unfortunately the dating industry has many fraudulent and misleading practices as fake profiles, paid chats, fake letters and overpriced gifts depriving you of your money favoring unscrupulous people.


Striving against all that, our model of work and personal approach to each case obviously disturbs and calls attention of other companies. Some badmouth us others even try to pretend they have alike working model. But unfortunately for them, FHDating’s unique qualities cannot be copied. Based on many years of experience, here at FHDating we have a tried-and-tested understanding of what really is the service of screening people to help someone finding a legit life partner.


Many men and women who are happily married now are proof to that.


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