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How does our matchmaking process work?

ForHimDating is an elite matchmaking service with tailored headhunting focused on meeting your most matchable candidates. Recognized in Ukraine since 2005, and personally managed by Alex Pinto, a graduated psychologist and international dating expert, initiator co-founder of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance. ForHimDating offers a tested and proven tailored matchmaking approach to Ukrainian women's reality, culture, and family values towards marriage with foreign men ready to invest in finding a love partner for life in Ukraine.

ForHimDating service is unique — rather than online relationships with virtual women from unknown origin or legitimacy, we personally screen the women of your likings, promote the best image of yourself, and provide you with real video chats with women genuinely interested in meeting you with reliability every step of the way. We promote and facilitate personal contact information exchange so prospective relationships can develop in privacy as natural and vital for success.

How can I evaluate my matching ability?

Please register with us at no cost and submit your Evaluation Form. Afterwards, seeing your future success, we will personally invite you to a Skype Consultation Call with Alex, our chief matchmaker, to estimate the future success regarding your goals and characteristics. That said, we highly recommend you go through the qualifying process to acquire vital awareness of all nuances involved in international relationships with Ukrainian women during the Consultation Call. We ensure your information is kept private, never published publicly.

Being the call outcome satisfactorily to both parties, you can become our client. Besides your preferred profiles in our database, and if necessary, we propose you offline hand-picked candidates, we may consider as a valuable match within your preferences and match ability. The headhunting process is conducted throughout our 16 nationwide affiliated matchmakers' databases to maximize our clients' options. 

Free Consultation is only by invitation.
If you want to purchase this eye-opening Call with Alex, Book Your Call. If you become our client, we deduct the call cost from your service fee.

When and how will I talk with my matches?

After the candidates' selection process with your dedicated matchmaker and collecting all your preferred matches' feedback regarding their sincere interest in meeting you, we will schedule video chat interviews with those who provided positive feedback following your order of priority.

The video chats aim to ensure the parties' authenticity mutually and evaluate each other towards an informed decision upon exchanging personal information to communicate further in private to reinforce the probability of success when later meeting in person.

When will I meet with my matches?

After attaining positive results from private communication and acquiring confidence is time to step forward and securely meet the women, exploring a future relationship development. For that, we will provide you with all logistic support and guidance to safely travel to Ukraine.

We will advise you of all the best steps necessary to a successful trip and schedule your dates accordingly. We will assist you and provide you with any support needed regarding airport shuttles, accommodations, and best itineraries and transportation methods.

Your matchmaker will then locally follow through with you, helping to optimize the best version of yourself and providing you with ongoing feedback and analysis on your relationships developing with the women. Per request, your matchmaker can travel with you on a 24/7 support basis from your arrival till your departure.

What happens after I go back home?

When returning home, our foremost goal is to be sure that you have started a legit and prosperous relationship with a marriage-oriented Ukrainian woman that reciprocates your feelings and is physically and mentally prepared to relocate.

Returning to visit that woman or arrange the next trip together on a 24/7 basis is a must-try experience, and we will never deny our assistance and advice to make that happen safely and in the best way possible for both. Cultural obstacles and expectations management are often ongoing obstacles, and maintaining a distant relationship progressing is not easy. And to facilitate that, you can always count on our team of matchmakers guidance to help you solve any obstacles that can occur during your youthful relationship process.