Who is Alex Pinto, the founder of ForHimDating?

  • We have a secure, in-depth, vetting process for female and male clients who apply for our services. ForHimDating Tailored Matchmaking Service has developed an experienced, proven, and tested working model to safely and realistic approach and guide men and women to get together within legitimacy towards sincere relationships. International online dating and pay-per-letter dating sites have, in the majority, justifiable bad reputation due to unscrupulous practices making international dating difficult for sincere marriage-oriented people hard to succeed avoiding deceiving propaganda out from reality. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read Online Dating - The Business of Love Unveiled. On the contrary, ForHimDating offers a personalized approach to international dating through our one-on-one match matching service-based and managed in Ukraine by an international dating coach and matchmaker residing in Ukraine since 2005. We do not accept any client, male or female, without a previous interview by video conference or personally in one of our offices in several major Ukrainian cities. For complete detailed information, visit our page How it Works.

  • We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke very personal approach to each client, his characteristics, and goals when searching for a life partner. Based in Ukraine, we can provide a customized in-country search for the matchable one within our clients' likings and reasonable expectations. Before each client begins his international dating quest, our headhunting service will undertake a comprehensive background check on the women of his preference. Then, we will accordingly advise or dissuade his choices based on our tested and proven experience since 2005, matching foreign men and Ukrainian women in Ukraine. We will provide and conduct video call interviews with all the selected women within our client's preferences and feasibility. Furthermore, as there are no virtual relationships online before meeting in person, we facilitate sharing personal contacts to, in privacy, develop further introductory friendship towards a successful upcoming trip to meet in person in Ukraine and never before that. Our tailored service offers feedbacks on ongoing communication and advises our clients accordingly. Our clients are supported around the clock before and during their stay, receiving tailored guidance and coaching on overcoming cultural differences and language barriers for the best possible experience and results—more About Us.

  • Alex Pinto is a Portuguese psychologist and matchmaker in Ukraine since 2005. International Dating Expert, Speaker & Consultant Alex coaches foreign men in a realistic approach to their match abilities to succeed in dating abroad. To reinforce the Ukrainian market reputation, he initiated and co-founded the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance. Personally managed by him, the Alliance is a legal association in Ukraine to promote and regulate premium dating and matchmaking companies' best practices conduct. Alex Pinto methodology has helped hundreds of couples finding their match in Ukraine, managing expectations and individual match ability adjusted to the country's culture and Ukrainian women's reality. Alex Pinto is also the initiator co-founder of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance and has been featured across the USA at international dating and matchmaking events in Florida and New York. More News & Media. With a profound knowledge of the local and international dating market, Alex and ForHimDating offer assistance coaching men to achieve the best results avoiding emotional and financial losses. Throughout Consultation Calls, national and international seminars, television documentaries, and webinars, Alex promotes Ukrainian values and awareness on dos & don'ts to embrace international dating safely and successfully. In a world of so often dissuasive perception exploiting one's feelings and beliefs, legit and experienced information are determinant to succeeding in dating abroad. Alex's work methodology does work as so many of his succeeded clients' testify.