Delivery & Refund Policy

Video Subscription

Educational Videos, when purchased with recurring payment subscription, are automatically renewed every 30 days at the subscription cost. To cancel a subscription, please use the unsubscribe link attached to the payment notification email or Email us at

Gift Delivery Orders

Gift delivery within the receiver's city has a $25 courtesy fee regardless of the gift value. In the case, we cannot execute the delivery due to receiver unavailability or refusal, both the delivery fee and the purchased item cost cannot be refunded, but the item can be returned to our Client when at his visit to our offices. ‚Äč

Skype Calls

Skype Calls extra packages are pre-paid the latest four working days before the booked date. In case a Skype Call is canceled, the Client has the option to re-schedule it, or apply the payment to another call with a different candidate.

FHDating Ltd does not warrant that the use of the Service or the means used to communicate will be secure, uninterrupted, always available or error-free, or will meet the Client requirements, or that any defects in the Service will be corrected. FHDating Ltd disclaims liability for, and cannot warranty regarding, Skype or any other communication tools, including coverage, range, or any interruption on the internet or another service.

Direct Communication

Regularly, it is necessary to contact the Client via email or phone call, with updates regarding your Service. By using FHDating services, the Client gives us express permission to Email him with information concerning the purchased Service, or general information considered necessary.

Member Content Guidelines/Policies

By using FHDating Ltd. User/Client agrees to be solely responsible for all content exchanged with or through the represented women and us. FHDating Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any material exchanged using our services by any of its users. The acceptance of any content does not, in any way, make FHDating Ltd responsible for the content. Each User is responsible for the content he or she exchanges using our services.

Client liability

In the case, we reach to verify at any given moment that a registered user or Client has a criminal record affecting FHDating Ltd credibility or its representants, affiliates, and clients, the user/client's privileges will be immediately canceled. Fhdating Ltd will keep all the so far Services costs the customer had already paid and without the right to a refund.

FHDating Ltd will only provide services for the term of the purchased Service and just after its complete payment. FHDating is not obliged to refund any Service paid amount or deposit made by any Client who cancels his Services' Agreement or withdraws his application due to unrelated reasons to FHDating Ltd.

All paid Services are nonrefundable. FHDating Ltd reserves all the rights to immediately suspend or terminate User or Client access to the Service, at will and without notice, upon any Agreement breach by the Client. The User or Client understands and agrees that, will not use the website for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

FHDating Ltd is the legal owner of the ForHimDating brand and website, referred to as ForHimDating. The use of the website ( and others proved owned and operated by FHDating Ltd is conditional upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions by using the website, regardless of whether registered as a User or Client. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must not use this website.

If you become an FHDating website Client or Subscriber and pay by credit or debit card (or other payment method associated with an automatically renewing subscription), your subscription will automatically renew for specific periods if you do not cancel before the end of the term. See sections "paid services" for more information on the automatic renewal terms applicable to subscriptions.

You, the Client, subscriber, and authorized person to make payment for any Service, accept that you are not entitled to any refund whatsoever if you do not use or choose not to use any of your paid membership services on You agree that if you request a refund on principle, you have not used the membership at any time that it will be rejected or refused as per these refund policies. You agree that as a registered user, you have access to search, browse, and review the website features and benefits free of charge before you purchase a membership, Service, or subscription.

It is considered and agreed by you to be sufficient to allow you, the User, to make an informed decision about a purchase of any service or membership. You agree that you could adequately review and assess the products and services before purchasing them. Therefore cannot request a refund after purchasing if you, for any personal reason, decide to quit using the services or are not happy with the website's product or services provided with your paid membership.


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