The naked truth behind dating online propaganda

Sep 17, 2018

Often I am asked:

"Are my options reduced by searching for a young foreign wife, with no children, and speaking English?"

 This one is easy! When men put me such requirements, regardless of any other factors as their potential to succeed, I do say:

"Yes, you have some!" And immediately after, I explain to him how his options progressively narrow down at each added requirement.


"Of an entire database, what percentage of women can speak without a translator?" 

Yeah, that's the turn-off right there. Let's bring the facts to the table and help you figure it out by yourself.

Pretty photos influence a lot, but only the numbers speak the truth.

Not long ago, I make a statistic study exactly to help my clients understand the extent of their options.

Within approximately 2,500 women profiles in 10 dating sites, this is what numbers undoubtedly say:


Available women between 20 to 30 years old - When dating Apps reach the sky swiping.

- 27% never married

- 25% has no children

- 6% are already divorced (54.2% is the Ukrainian rate, with 10% of the couples splitting during the first year.

- 7.8% have children (and every fifth child is born out of wedlock)


Often couples do not register the marriage or do not give the child the father's surname, so as being "single," they receive higher social benefits. Later on, they get married or divorce. God knows. Though according to statistics, more than 40% of Ukrainian children are brought up by mothers

Now the major "international-dating-online-problem" for all the dating sites users – English language.

- Within this age group, sufficient English is 6.3%, and only 2.5% are fluent in English. I hope this helps you relate to online paid communications scourge.

And about the "insufficient" English level?

That's the "pleasant" surprise; there are out there 25% of women 20 to 30 classified as "insufficient English level." With my matchmaking experience since 2005, I guarantee you, from that 25 % with supposedly insufficient skills in English, 90% of them cannot speak English at all. Make your math; with whom are you talking with?


Available women between 30 to 40 years old - not the first option for foreign men, especially if with children.

- 17% never married

- 15% has no children

- 15% are divorced 

- 18% have children 

Women speaking sufficient English are 7.6%, and only 2% of those speak fluently.

The "insufficient English level" of course is much higher, 24% as usual.


Available women between 40 to 50 years old – seldom foreign men chose such age group

- 7% never married

- 5% has no children

- 25% are divorced 

- 28% have children 

Women speaking sufficient and fluent English are in total of 4.8%. For women born between the late 60s and early 70s, there's no "insufficient English level." Or they talk, or they don't. None will go to learn at such age.

Shall I mention women between 50 and 65 years old? Yeah! I thought so.

The chances to find a Slavic woman on an international online dating website if listening to those companies' propaganda, it is amazingly easy and only at the range of a click or a "swipe-right" to find The-One. Being men so influenced by beauty, all those gorgeous female photos well play the purpose. But what about finding the matchable woman behind that visual-trap?

Which are the chances to succeed without emotional or financial loss?

Are your chances to succeed significantly reduced if meeting too many women?

- Yes, they are! It's all a numbers game; the more lottery tickets you buy, the more chances you've to win.

The worst-case scenario is, you only lose money! Dating a vast online number of candidates, not only increase costs, as the risks to be emotionally disappointed, and this is worse than just losing money. It will progressively compromise your success due to growing disbelief. Consequently affecting judgment for a clear assessment of the next woman, without letting the previous experiences affects your perception.

If using online dating sites paying-per-letter, you are betting higher than a simple lottery game: you are not only risking your money. You are most importantly, risking your emotional stability and compromising your happiness and honest hopes. Acting that way, you have 2% chances of succeeding, and 98% of being scammed, or worse, to emotionally scam yourself.

When I listen to some men who never traveled abroad to meet the woman but refer to her as "my girlfriend," I feel preoccupied.

Which girlfriend? That picture they are writing to and never saw live or met in person? The lottery ticket still has a better 2% chance.

Fly abroad into blind dates with women you never saw or personally spoke with, is not much better that stay online. Remember, if it fails (and the chances are high), the financial and emotional loss will be much higher than staying home enjoying virtual relationships.

There's only one way to increase your chances up to 50%.

Find a company you can trust providing you vital services as:

- Assume the legitimacy of the women you are interested

- Facilitate your communication through standard ways as public apps

- Provide the women personal contacts to facilitate your private communication

- Advise you and follow-up with your ongoing acknowledge of the women

- Support you locally when you come to meet those women you were in personal contact with.

If you somehow relate to what I wrote, and want to guaranty yourself a safe path, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll tell you exactly as it is, evaluate your prospective to succeed vs. your goals, and, indeed, spare you from financial and emotional loss.

Alex Pinto

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