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The dating background check is an essential service for those who are dating Ukrainian women online and need a trustful insight to clarify disturbing doubts about specific online profiles. In response to that, we run private strategic research not available through a simple web search.  We will report to you the findings and its analysis regarding her online profile authenticity, where does she currently lives, marital status, and other lawful information of vital importance to help you make a conscientious and informed decision.

Operating in-country for so many years with nationwide affiliated offices and other useful sources of information that only time and experience allow us to access, giving us unique conditions to conduct in-depth researches providing our clients accurate and sustainable feedback. A complementary Consultation Call will be held to discuss the findings and its nuances, and advise, based on our experience, future best steps.

Background Check includes:

  • Skype Consultation Call to access and evaluate the process characteristics and needs.
  • Conduct a comprehensive private broad search to gather the required information.
  • A second Consultation Call to report the findings, discuss and advise best future steps

Details & Disclaimers

To perform the study, we require information as the person's online profile link(s), social networks, (when available) share with us significant exchanged communication and photos (optional). To provide exchanged correspondence has the exclusive purpose of allowing our dating expert to have in-depth analyses on its context and evaluate the case accordingly. Within one to two weeks, the findings report will be supplied with sustained information.

The provided information is private and strictly for guidance porpoises of the applicant/customer and does not have any legal binding or can be used under any pretext or circumstances to my any means harm the investigated person.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy policy forbade the disclosure, legal use, or misuse of any provided information in the form of text or any other sort of files containing information concerning the investigated person. The provided information is no longer valid on succeeding dates.

The background check report is strictly for the applicant/customer private use and has no legal value or representation whatsoever. FHDating Ltd, in any circumstances, is obliged to identify the information source or any other supporting evidence sustaining the given report, legal identification, or personal data of the targeted person, like a home address or personal contacts.

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Background Check

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