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Elite Singles Event concept is an exclusive service not comparable to an "International Romance Tour." These exclusively tailored events are suited to eligible men who recognize the significance of an experienced matchmaker to scrutinize qualified dates. The participants' ratio is up to five women per each man and up to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 men per Event.

Being a quality-selective event cannot be massively embracing and needs to gather an equitable selection of patterns common to all the participants. For this reason, and to guarantee an upper level and enhance your results, all attendees start by previously engaging our VIP Matchmaking program. (also considered as a deposit to able you to later participate in an upcoming Dating Event or privately come at your best convenient time).

The women that will manifest interest in participating in our Dating Events are then opportunely identified in our Gallery. You'll then be able to select up to 5 of those women, or others from any other city, sure though, those, will not attend the Event. In both cases, you can start right away, talking with those who reciprocated your interest.

This way, we can enhance success by creating an exclusive group of naturally selected participants who beforehand decided to get to know each other based on stated mutual interest. If meanwhile, an encouraging connection develops between you and a woman intended to attend the Event, and to safeguard your success, we will gladly remove her from attending the Event.

According to the development of your ongoing dating process before your arrival and as a VIP Match client, you may later opt to attend any upcoming Dating Event or privately meet your dates supported by our tailored matchmaking service and so maximize success. In any of the cases, we will coordinate all your trip requirements. (We organize these Events according to the number of received reservations and till two months before the appointed date opportunely published in our website and newsletters).

Meet & Match Dating Event Agenda

  • Day-1 (Arrival at the designated city- Friday) — Welcome dinner with our clients for friendly acquaintance with each of the assigned interpreters and matchmakers briefing the upcoming days' events (included).
  • Day-2 (Saturday) — Fraternizing lunch in a prominent place with the pre-selected women and interpreters (lunch included). Each man selects and invites two of the women to join him for the next day party.
  • Day-3 (Sunday) — Friendly gathering at a chosen facility for a buffet (included) with your requested guests and interpreter. The Event location will be select according to the season and weather conditions.
  • Day 4 to 7 (Departure) — Privately strengthen connections with your dates, or in a sporadically organized group activity to enjoy the city offers. Handy matchmaker to coach and guide the ongoing dating process or suggest alternative dates if it will be the case.

Meet & Match Dating Event includes:

  • Airport shuttles in the city of the event
    At the arranged arrival date and time, our staff will receive you and drive to the booked hotel and back on the departure day. Transport out from the Event is provided at a cost.
  • 6-nights accommodation w/breakfast
    To facilitate logistics and morning briefing sessions, all group stays in the same hotel in the city center. (stay beyond six nights, earlier arrival date or room-upgrade is facilitated at the client's expenses).
  • Transportation on the gatherings' days
    During the remaining days, we can provide private transport at a cost. All concierge services related to booking venues, restaurants, or logistic guidance are free during all your stay.
  • Matchmaker daily coaching sessions
    Since your VIP Match day-1, our Chief Matchmaker and office team is up to date with your dating process outcome. Group morning coaching sessions and individually tailored guidance will be assumed.
  • Extra meetings with likely candidates
    In the eventuality of being advisable to enlarge your options beyond the women present at the events, we will gladly promote you to meet two additional women gathering your choice who reciprocate your interest.
  • 10-hours of interpretation service
    Beyond the Event's hours (which include full-time dedicated interpreter) when having private meetings with women with insufficient English level, we provide you with additional 10 hours of interpretation service.
  • Ongoing follow-ups and feedback
    From your dates, after-meetings will be in private, discussed with your full-time assigned interpreter, as also, bring to your matchmaker analysis to best define possible adjustments and guidance towards your goals and results.

To clarify any doubts, please contact us.

Details & Disclaimers

Your profile on our website:
The Agreement between FHDating Ltd and the applicant/customer (you) is confidential. Your profile submitted to our website is kept private and never published elsewhere online. Your personal information/photos are strictly for our use and exclusively shared with your chosen candidates. Sensitive information as email addresses/mobile numbers from both parties are at this level kept private.

Feedbacks and reports:
The candidates' feedback is of their entire responsibility. It is transmitted to you with the same exactitude as we receive. FHDating Ltd can not be held responsible for its reasoning, validity, or completeness. Our interaction with both parties has the sole purpose of facilitating and promoting the parties' best results and exclusively restrict to both parties' truthfulness.


Are not included. We highly recommend you coordinate your flights' schedules to not arrive at your last destination airport or any other defined meeting point beyond the established timetable so; shuttles run accordingly to all participants' best interests.

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Elite Singles Event

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VAT information:
  • • No value-added tax (VAT) will be charged to non-EU resident customers regarding the Third Schedule Part Two Article 11 of Chapter 406 Value Added Tax Act of the Law of Malta.
  • • Value-added tax (VAT) at 18% applies to all customers residing in the EU regarding the Third Schedule Part Two Article 2 (2) of Chapter 406 Value Added Tax Act of the Law of Malta.

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