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Now is the time to practice your wisely arranged dating adventure to Ukraine and meet Ukrainian women who are sincerely in private contact with you and proved your trip is, encouraging, justifiable and risk-free. Our offices' concierge service in Ukraine will remotely organize all your logistics needs. At request, provide you safe, cost-effective airport shuttles, transportation between cities, and the best available rentals at your destination, always supported by our trustful local representative person.

Our manager will promptly schedule your dates in an orderly manner and, as soon as possible, contemplating everyone's privacy and best interests. If necessary, we will provide you at no cost and up to 5 hours the translator's service to facilitate the best communication with your dates. Additionally, we will also provide our after-meetings assessment based on your date feedback to help you make confident decisions on who and how to successfully pursue the relationship.

Only such tailored follow-up and guidance from day-1 and until your departure back home can grant you the likelihood of a purposeful and successful dating tour to Ukraine. By long years of tested and proven experience, to think differently is to risk too much; do not bet on a numbers game and bet on who can effectively help you.

Meet & Match Step 3 include:

In-country concierge service support - We will be glad to help you organize your trip requirements from A to Z; since planing it ahead in detail to support you locally during your stay and until the departure day.

Assist the introductions with your dates - We schedule, supervise, and report feedbacks on all your five introductions meetings. Provide a translation assistant for up to 5 hours. And if necessary, search and arrange new introductions.

Discuss and analyze outcomes - Perception varies; cultural differences arise, and ideas may not match. So we will timely and objectively help you clarify doubts and adapt behaviors towards the best outcome possible.

Details & Disclaimers

Ongoing feedbacks - Our shared feedbacks content is of the parties' sole responsibility. All the information is shared as faithfully as provided by the parties. ForHimDating is not held liable for its reasoning, validity, or accuracy. Our interaction with the parties exclusively aims to facilitate and promote best practices and results but is restricted to the parties' truthfulness. Regardless of the party, misleading information proven to lack truth or deceiving will be communicated.

Trip essential requirements - At request, we assist and provide all the complementary services required for your trip as; airport shuttles, best locations, and rentals, and transportation between cities. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.

Complementary dating services and resources - In addition to this service-pack, we organize new introductions, interpreter services and drive along with our clients 24/7 nationwide. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.

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Meet & Match

STEP 3 - Privately meet your matches

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  • • No value-added tax (VAT) will be charged to non-EU resident customers regarding the Third Schedule Part Two Article 11 of Chapter 406 Value Added Tax Act of the Law of Malta.
  • • Value-added tax (VAT) at 18% applies to all customers residing in the EU regarding the Third Schedule Part Two Article 2 (2) of Chapter 406 Value Added Tax Act of the Law of Malta.

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