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Order a Skype video-chat before traveling to Ukraine to meet her blindly; avoid at any cost to pay to a stranger to trick you. Most likely, you've heard about those who waste their money and expectations paying per letter online to end scammed. Ask us to first Skype with a prospective match to ensure you're on the right path. 

We'll personally inquire about your chosen woman, and if having a genuine "yes," you'll be able to connect. Skype Date is an isolated service from our vital 3-Steps program for safely dating in Ukraine, essential to ensure you about the woman's actual appearance and evaluate the authenticity of her interest to proceed safe communication with her. When a Talk & Match client, besides our dating coach guidance, woman(s) may agree afterward on sharing her private contact information.

Skype & Date include:

  • Skype Video-Chats with an approved candidate
    One hour video-chat with a translator, if required, to interpret and facilitate the communication evaluating the outcome and match ability. 
  • After-chat feedback with tailored coaching
    Timely and tailored to your case, we help you decode the chat outcome and improve performance based on the candidate's feedback.

Details & Disclaimers

Customers' personal information

In opposite to our 3-Steps program, at this Service level, ForHimDating expressly forbade the exchanged of any private information between the parties. In the case both parties, after the chat, manifest to us the interest and agreement in exchanging personal contacts, the woman information will be by us provided at a fee. For details, please consult our Additional Services Page.

Feedback and reports

The woman's feedback after the chat is of her responsibility and initiative, and ForHimDating cannot be held responsible for its reasoning, validity, or completeness. Our interactions with both parties have the sole purpose of enhancing and facilitate the best results towards marriage when is of both parties manifest interest and restricted to it

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Skype Dates

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