Video Date your pre-selected matches

Never travel based on prospective blind dates. Do not incur unnecessary dashed hopes or emotional and financial losses. Instead, request us a video chat with any of your considered matches to ensure confidence and reciprocity. A video chat before traveling always provides informed decisions.

The chat only takes place if we receive sincere feedback and acceptance from the woman after contacting her in person. The video chat is a vital component in our matchmaking service available to our prospective or ongoing clients. It has the goal to assure the legit interest of the parties, bringing trust to later success when meeting in person.

When purchasing a separate Skype Date, the women's contacts can be requested and exchanged later at a fee depending on the women's permission. (Read Details & Disclaimers below)

Skype Date include:

  • Video Chat with a screened candidate

One-hour chat with translator support if necessary to facilitate the communication and enhance the chat outcome.

  • After-chat feedback and sincere advice

Tailored to each case, we help decode the chat outcome, providing the women's sincere feedback and experienced advice.

Details & Disclaimers

Customers' personal information

During the chat time term, it is expressly forbidden the exchange of any private information between parties. However, any of the parts can personally request such information during or after the chat. Furthermore, having the manifested interest and permission of the woman, her contact information will be provided (in which form she chooses) at a fee if the chat was purchased separately or as an extra to the Matchmaking service. For costs, please consult our Additional Services Page.

Feedback and reports

After the chat, the feedback from the woman is of her entire responsibility and initiative. ForHimDating cannot be held responsible for the women's refusal to provide it, its reasoning, validity, or completeness. Our participation with the parties has the sole purpose of enhancing further communication to facilitate the best outcome possible and provide tailored advice, which depends on the received feedback from the women.


Skype Date

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