Your tailored 5-vital steps to find your match

A tested and experience-proved matchmaking service tailored to Ukrainian women dating culture since 2005, qualifying foreign men for international dating, coaching best practices, never mishandling your success and safety.

During six months, Alex Pinto will share his knowledge gathered for so many years dealing with Ukrainian women and foreign men and guide your steps all the way through. Alex is an experienced psychologist and well-known international matchmaker and influencer residing in Ukraine. He is also the initiator co-founder of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance.

That said, when working directly with Alex, you benefit from not only his knowledge and experience but also the unique advantage of enrolling his nationwide associates to conduct a comprehensive headhunt to find and screen the best suitable matches of your likings.

To fully understand our step-by-step matchmaking process, please watch the video below.

Five crucial steps to succeed in finding, date and marry a Ukrainian woman:

STEP 1 Dating Qualification through ongoing consultation video calls, so we honestly and realistically brief you on the feasibility for success regarding your expectations. Then, if necessary, I'll suggest some essential cultural adjustments to optimize performance when dating.

STEP 2 Personally contact your prospective matches, promote you as a suitable possible match, verify their actual appearance, and vet the sincere interest in meeting you, ensuring you're committing to women matching your expectations.

STEP 3 Skype Video Chat with the selected candidates to erase doubts and reaffirm mutual interest in further communication. As in any standard acquaintance, you're free to request her personal contact so you can enjoy further private communication.

STEP 4 Strengthening the Relationship during an adequate time frame to reinforce your decision to travel to Ukraine to meet the women you've been in touch with. During this process, we provide feedback and advise you accordingly.

STEP 5 With our guidance, travel to Ukraine assisted by our concierge service on staying and relocating between cities to meet the women in person scheduled at your request. We will inform you beforehand of all the requirements for a safe and successful trip.

What does Tailored Matchmaking Service include?

  • Discuss personality assessment and compatibility with the women of your liking based on each of their distinct characteristics.
  • Support in creating an optimized dating profile to effectively attract women and favor you in attaining the most favorable responses.
  • Support in creating a self-introduction video (optional) favoring the best version of yourself and adapted to Ukrainian dating culture.
  • Guidance in selecting the best compatible matches, evaluating compatibility features, pros and cons, and making informed decisions.
  • Matchmaker weekly coaching calls with Alex to evaluate the dating process and provide updates on the women's feedback.
  • Organize up to seven first video chats with an interpreter if necessary, despite the number of attempts to select the women to chat.
  • Provide up to seven women personal contacts, depending on the women's consent and interest in developing communication.
  • Opportune guidance and advice on optimizing the interaction with the women who agreed in proceeding with communicating.
  • In-country concierge support assisting in organizing your trip on all its necessary details involving traveling to and staying in Ukraine.
  • Up till seven first-personal meetings assisted by an interpreter (if necessary) with the ongoing matches or others newly added.
  • Matchmaker analysis and counseling on best practices to maintain and possibly develop a distant relationship after your departure.

Details & Disclaimers

Trip essential requirements

At request, we provide all the complementary services to your trip as; airport shuttles, accommodation booking, and transportation between cities. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.

Non included extra services or resources

In addition to our standard services pack, we organize special meetings and interpreter services nationwide to accompany our clients 24/7 when dislocating within the country. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.


Tailored Matchmaking

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