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You are about to learn the best matchmaking service in Ukraine to qualify you for international dating unequivocally, never mishandling your success and safety. There are many reasons to sustain such a statement, but let me call your attention to the two major ones:

At this level, you are directly working with another foreign man like you. Alex Pinto is an experienced psychologist and claimed matchmaker and influencer in the Ukrainian dating market since 2005. He is also the initiator and co-founder director of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance.

That said, when working directly with Alex, you not only benefit from his expert knowledge. The Alliance certified nationwide team of matchmakers conducting a bespoke headhunt for your best matchable women.

Three vital steps to succeed in dating abroad Tailored Matchmaking methodology acquired during long years of tested and proven experience resumes in: how to search the matchable women effectively, the ability to in-person certify genuineness, and reciprocity, and have trustful support to travel and personally meet them safely.

To fully understand our matchmaking step-by-step process methodology, watch the video below.

Tailored Matchmaking includes:

Skype Coaching Sessions with a matchmaker - Ongoing consultation sessions with Alex to assess goals, discuss updates and feedbacks, comprehend and optimize performance

Personality assessment and compatibility - Learn preferences, lifestyle, home location, blend ethnicity or religion, children's acceptance, or age gap, among others

Create a dating profile that attracts women - How to create an optimal-profile that, with accuracy, favors you to attain the most spirited response and favorable response

Best ways of introducing yourself on video - How to create a reliable self-presentation video outlining the best of yourself to the women compellingly and attractively

Tailored assistance choosing best matches - How to evaluate each of the selected women's personal features pros or cons, to in clarity, aim those with best match ability

Direct introductory e-mails communication - Exchange up to a total of 21 e-mails to evaluate and prioritized most satisfactory feedbacks to start scheduling Skype dates

Skype video chat your favorite women - Up to seven 1-hour video dates assisted by an interpreter to ensure authenticity and stimulate further private communication.

Receive the women personal contacts - According to the results achieved on Skype with the women and by reciprocal agreement, exchange up to seven individual contacts

Tailored ongoing consulting and feedback - Follow-up with both parties to ensure, and award mutual most beneficial perception overpassing any arising cultural obstacles

In-country concierge service support - Organizing all your trip requirements regarding airport shuttles, accommodation, private transportation, and venue booking.

Interpreter supported meetings with candidates - We s
chedule up to seven assisted first-meetings with your favorite women you've been dating communicating with.

Matchmaker ongoing analysis and feedback - To succeed, it is vital to objectively evaluate and discuss the meeting's outcome with the matchmaker.

    Purchasing the Tailored Matchmaking Service gives you the possibility to attend one of our Elected Singles Event, depending on your trip dates and the number of bookings at the time. We schedule the Events according to the year's time and depending on the pre-reservation number of attendees. Visit Elite Singles Event's page.

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    Trip essential requirements

    At request, we provide all the complementary services to your trip as; airport shuttles, best location rentals, and organize your transportation between cities. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.

    Complementary services or resources

    In addition to our standard services pack, we organize special meetings and interpreter services nationwide as accompany our clients 24/7 when dislocating within the country. For details, consult the Additional Services Page.

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    Tailored Matchmaking

    Focused on individual reality and goals

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