About Us

Introductory self-certification of your match ability. Communicate directly with your real matching candidates before traveling.  Avoid International dating disappointments. Speak with the matchmakers serving your best interests. Meet Alex Pinto matchmakers affiliated team.


Alex Pinto is a Portuguese psychologist who has lived in Ukraine since 2005. He is married to a Ukrainian woman that he met through an online dating site.


“I came to Ukraine because of a girl, who I met on a dating site and with whom I have developed a healthy relationship. She did not want to leave the country for family reasons, so I married my Ukrainian girl in Ukraine and started my new life in the small town of Poltava.”

Alex Pinto


Since then Alex has screened and gathered around him the best affiliates he could find in some of Ukraine’s main cities building the prestige and reputation FHDating enjoys today. Through this process, he officially founded the first and only Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance in 2018, which he manages as its CEO.

Fully committed to helping single men find love with a Ukrainian woman, the company is built on a sincere wish to match honest, good men with single women in Ukraine. Alex and his team understand the importance of finding a matchmaking company that you can trust, and they work hard to give each of their clients the individual, personalized attention that they deserve.

Alex will guide his clients through each step of the process and, acting as a dating coach, offer different options and advice depending on the client’s needs. He will also manage the expectations of his clients and align them with the reality of international dating.

Sincerely, Alex Pinto