How it Works

ForHimDating is the first premier headhunting matchmaking service corresponding your purposes. Operating in Ukraine since 2005 and personally managed by graduated psychologist and industry leader, founder of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance, Alex Pinto. FHD offers a realistic tailored matchmaking experience for successful, educated, and marriage-oriented men who are ready to invest in finding the love of their lives. Introductory self-certification of your match ability. Meet and talk with the real matching candidates before traveling. Avoid International dating disappointments!

ForHimDating is unique - rather than offering a credit-based pay-per-letter service in which you have no direct access to the women with whom you are communicating, our competitively-priced packages put you in direct contact with the most beautiful bachelorettes in Ukraine who we have met personally, vetted to your standards, and ensured have genuine interest in getting to know you better. You will be able to exchange e-mails and even have Skype sessions with the women you are interested in meeting for FREE, with our seasoned staff there to assist you every step of the way.

Simply register via our website homepage, submit the Evaluation form, and then book a complimentary free Skype session with Alex, our chief matchmaker to estimate your success and get started. We respectfully request that applicants wait to register until they are ready for a long-term relationship and are prepared to travel to Ukraine for this life-changing experience.

After the registration process has been completed, our matchmakers will provide you with the profiles of hand-selected women meeting the preferences you specified. In addition to searching our database for your perfect match, ForHimDating also explores the databases of our certified matchmaker affiliates throughout Ukraine. As part of our dedication to your privacy, your profile information will only be shared with the women with who you wish to communicate and meet.

Once you have identified one or more women who you are interested in exploring a relationship with, we will help plan your visit to Ukraine and coach you on the nuances of Ukrainian dating culture. Upon arrival, you will have 24/7 access to our team, who will greet you at the airport with a smile, accompany you to each city on your stay, personally introduce you to the women with whom you have been communicating, and actively provide constructive feedback to maximize your likelihood of courtship success. Our goal is to have you return home with confidence that you have started an honest and committed relationship with a Ukrainian woman who has reciprocated your feelings and is excited about your return.

After we introduce you to the love of your life, you will continue to have access to our team of experts who will be available to answer any questions that might arise with regards to navigating your fulfilling relationship, cultural expectations and differences, as well as how best to prepare for your partner’s arrival in your home country. Your success and satisfaction is our #1 priority!