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158 cm / 5.18 ft
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54 kg / 119 lb
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boy, born 2005
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Univ. Medical
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Doesn't matter
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I'm a helpless optimist who, sometimes, has reality attacks. I can't lie and can't stand lies from other people. Because if someone is lying to you, they consider you so stupid that you are going to believe everything they say. And this is humiliating. I love people. No...let me put it other way. I don't like conflicts with people that is why I have to love them))) I'm outgoing, sometimes even too much))) No one's going to feel bored with me. I don't jump with parachutes and am not planning to make any tattoos. I'm rather grounded individual with an instinct of self-preserving. I like beautiful and generous courtship (perhaps I'm not going to surprise anyone with this but at least I'm talking about this honestly) By the way, courageous is also about me, especially in showing my feelings. I think my biggest problem is that I'm a strong woman accustomed to solving my own problems, and sometimes it scares men off. I have no problem with sense of humour. I love traveling and prefer places with warm climate. Though I just love England! What more can I add. I'm a good person, though it may sound as pride (which I can't stand in people). I am strong, goal-oriented woman. Emotional, yet psychically stable. Its a paradox really. I mean I can be crying while watching a drama movie or be super joyful and happy watching a comedy, yet I am dead calm and collected at work during surgeries or labour. I am an optimist by nature. I love life and people. Naming my qualities as a list, I am: outgoing, clever, joyful, honest, decent, loyal, caring, a real friend...I'm sure I'm forgetting something...Oh yeah, I also can play the guitar))))
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My Ideal Man:
According to all above said, my man should be...champion (however trivially it may sound). Self-sufficient, confident, successful in his career. Decent, honest, generous, ready to acknowledge that I have 2 important people in my life: my mother and my son and that I also need a life partner in life. Not just lover, husband, dominant...partner means partner in everything. But with one condition - he should be stronger than me. No equality. A man is a man even on the Mars. So he will have to be stronger)) But I really have what to give in exchange. I have a natural indicator inside that allows me to understand the needs and wishes of a person next to me. It is something like sixths sense of woman's intuition. At the end I can say this. If after having reading all this your wish to meet me didn't disappear and, on the contrary, only amplified - then you really are a champion!)))
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