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My eyes color:
My Height:
171 cm / 5.61 ft
My Weight:
58 kg / 128 lb
My body type:
My sports:
Traveling, Fitness, Dancing, Cycling
My smoking habits:
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Do I want More Children?:
Which is my main religion:
My Education:
Master Degree (MA)
My Profession:
Deputy director
His Education:
Doesn't matter
My Goals In Life:
Driving Licence:
Like and have
Which hobbies do I have:
Traveling, Fitness, Dancing, Cycling
Living Arrangements:
Willing to buy
How I Would Describe Myself:
I am an emotional woman. When I am happy next to my husband, when I love and am loved, I open up even more than a flower. It is important for me that my man gives me this opportunity to be a woman, give place to emotions, and not depressed. I am demanding, to myself and to others. I am kind, sensitive, I love animals very much, I have a lot of stories about how I saved dogs on the street. I also always have dog food and water in my car. If I see a dog on the street, rest assured I will stop and feed him. There are many of them in Ukraine who need our care. I love walking, traveling, I love sunsets, biking, picnics, I love surprises, both to receive and to organize. I love sports and feel my body in good shape, I work out in the gym. I love to eat right, but I also love pizza)). I generally like to do something together when my partner and I are involved in some process. But, of course, personal space should be, if necessary. I love attending basketball and football matches, speedway, drifting, going to concerts, going to the cinema, psychology seminars and all sorts of interesting events. I love mountains, I love skiing. But I don't like extreme. Due to the events in Ukraine, it is difficult to plan anything now, because the war has made its own adjustments and much that was before is simply irrelevant and it feels like you are starting everything from scratch.
What "true love" means to me:
I dream of a friendly, healthy and happy family, where they hear each other, respect, talk, support and love. It is important for me to talk about everything so as not to lead to conflicts, you can just talk and negotiate, without complaints, without accusations. It is important. No less important is touch, that is, the physical manifestation of love, I adore hugging, holding hands, feeling a loved one through touch. Smell matters to me too. I dream of traveling with my beloved and sharing these
Level of English:
My Ideal Man:
You can write from A to Z a criterion, “requirements” for a man who he should be, but sometimes you fall in love and that whole list is no longer relevant). I will definitely write a couple of important theses. He is a gentleman. He knows what he wants from the relationship and his “want” is the same as mine. He is family-oriented, has high family values. My husband is my authority. That is, with such a man I feel like a woman, he has the right priorities and his attitude towards me inspires respect for him. My support and protection. He is successful. Choosing a man, we choose the standard of living. I made myself, I worked hard and realized a lot of dreams myself, so I consider a successful man with goals and a desire for success and development to be a worthy match for me. He is my Friend. I want a man to be me and a friend so that I can talk about everything and feel supported. I can be a good friend to my future husband. He is without bad habits. He values his time. He develops as a person. It would be cool if he knew how to cook, of course, not on an ongoing basis, but precisely because he wanted to, but he could do it himself. I just like it when a man knows how to cook)). Likes to travel. Sometimes active, sometimes passive. The ideal man does not have profiles on social networks, in Instagram)). Because he just doesn't have time for it.
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