About me

I was born in:
Zodiac Sign:
Living in:

More about me

My eyes color:
My Height:
173 cm / 5.68 ft
My Weight:
55 kg / 121 lb
My body type:
My sports:
Going to Cinema, Sailing, Fitness
My smoking habits:
My drinking habits:
Do I want More Children?:
Which is my main religion:
My Education:
University - Other
My Profession:
Design Engineer
His Education:
Doesn't matter
My Goals In Life:
Driving Licence:
Which hobbies do I have:
Going to Cinema, Sailing, Fitness
Living Arrangements:
With parents
How I Would Describe Myself:
I am a passionate and loving woman who can give understanding, support and love to her man. I think that a woman should always take care of her appearance, so I am a big fan of sports! Life is movement and I keep moving forward! I never give up and always know what I want. I dream to see many countries! Visit the desert, dive in the ocean! Take a walk in Italy! Feel the spirit of love and romance in Paris! Cruise the Norwegian fjords and feel the warmth of the Maldives! I love positive people, children and animals! I want intelligent communication and harmonious relationships! I enjoy life, because today will never happen again... So I really want to decorate this day with a love to a good man!
Relationship With Parents:
I have a good relationship with my parents, they are my closest people, I am grateful to them for every day of my life and I love them very much.
What "true love" means to me:
Pleasing each other, sharing our feelings, loyalty and commitment.
What infidelity means to me:
I consider a betrayal when you trust a person with your innermost things and then he uses it against you. Infidelity is also a betrayal. I just erase such a person from my life, totally and completely.
How do I follow my goals in life?:
I strive to realize myself as a person, build a successful career and create a loving and happy family. I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day with my man.
How do I feel satisfied in life:
To be in peace with myself, to be grateful for what I have. Do what I love, feel cared and give love, be able to enjoy life.
How important are
moral principles:
To respect and love parents. Treat others as I would like them to treat me.
How important are friends:
Among true friends, there are no secrets and you can be who you are without fear. A good friend knows you well — sometimes even better than you do — and he's not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to tell yourself. That’s what I really appreciate in friendship.
Do I trust easily:
Trust in relationships is a two-way road; it is an opportunity to trust someone with your feelings and at the same time being sure that this person does not hurt you.
Level of English:
No English
My Ideal Man:
I dream to find a real strong man, who is persistent and serious. I need a man who is at the same time cheerful with a good sense of humor, interesting and open to communication. I wish my man to be purposeful, enthusiastic in his convictions and steadfast in his beliefs. I appreciate a person being able to defend his point of view. Words often mean nothing and only deeds that we ready to do for love, make sense. I dream of a serious, reliable and gentle man who can truly love me. Someday I dream of having my own home with a cozy atmosphere of happiness and love! I hope I will find my soul mate soon and surround him with all my passion and love!
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