About me

I was born in:
Zodiac Sign:
Living in:

More about me

My eyes color:
My Height:
160 cm / 5.25 ft
My Weight:
43 kg / 95 lb
My body type:
My sports:
Sailing, Running
My smoking habits:
My drinking habits:
Do I want More Children?:
Which is my main religion:
My Education:
Univ. Pedagogical
My Profession:
His Education:
Doesn't matter
My Goals In Life:
Driving Licence:
Which hobbies do I have:
Sailing, Running
Living Arrangements:
With parents
How I Would Describe Myself:
I am cheerful, kind and reliable. I love to create comfort, I like to invite guests in my home, I like big companies. I am well educated, well-read, I like to laugh. I am honest and very sociable, I appreciate loyalty and devotion, I will never betray a person. I consider myself a real housewife, I love to cook and maintain warmth and comfort in my home. I love kids and I know that I will become a very good mother! If you seek love and respect, I will wait for you outside the door of my heart. Find me.
Relationship With Parents:
I have good relationship with my parents. Iā€™m thankful for everything they did for me.
What "true love" means to me:
There is a remarkable poem by Pushkin with such a line: ā€œI do not want to hurt you anymore.ā€ Love is a joy divided into two, care and respect, tenderness and support. To love is to trust, support and protect.
What infidelity means to me:
Treason in a relationship - it is always perceived as treachery and deception, and whatever the reason ā€” it is always painful for someone to change. It is necessary to try to be special for your beloved and not to let emotions and passion fade between you.
How do I follow my goals in life?:
I want to have my own family, to become a mother, to build a home full of positive and pure emotions, human warmth and love. In the near future, I strive to master several languages and become a translator.
How do I feel satisfied in life:
Learn, develop, be interested in discovering new horizons, be involved in life. To love, share feelings and emotions, and receive them in return. Being confident in the future.
How important are
moral principles:
Stay human in every situation and try to find compromises
How important are friends:
A friend is a person who causes unlimited respect and desire to take care of him. He himself is always ready to help and be near. True friendly feelings are always mutual. Friends are the family that we choose ourselves.
Do I trust easily:
Trust is a positive relationship between people, allowing everyone to be confident in the honesty, openness, goodwill and honesty of the other.
Level of English:
My Ideal Man:
I want to meet a kind, caring, decent, and generous man with a good character, a positive thinker, intelligent and exciting in all respects, able to appreciate the love of a woman, knowing what he wants from life and ready for commitments. I am looking for a man who can treat his woman with love and respect and strive to create a strong and happy family. Caring, generous, loyal and active. Who will love me, and I will love him too. I believe that every one of us has a soulmate, when we find each other we will be great friends living together in perfect order and harmony in a house full of love. Generous, patient, optimistic, well mannered, confident, honest. I miss this feeling of love and sincerely expect that I will meet the person with whom this feeling will be revived in me again. I think that every woman should remain a Real Woman - tender, feminine, caring and warm.
His Age: