Designed for those who are already dating online Ukrainian / Russian woman and search for expert insight from within the country in response to disturbing questions about the truthfulness of the person(s) they are in contact.

Based in Ukraine since 2005 has granted us vast resources and research tools enabling us to provide an accurate and independent evaluation of the facts. Background Check is a private and neutral analysis vital to the development of an international dating relationship consolidating trust, (or not) to proceed with confidence.


Background Checks includes:



Background Check

This service entitles our clients to a discrete and private investigation and reports on any Ukrainian woman on her authenticity, relationship status, residing location and legitimacy. To able us conducting an analyze and provide the maximum possible information available within our unique research sources, few more than a social network link of the person's profile or dating website will be required. Within one to two weeks a feedback report will be provided with information substantiated in the obtained results and graphic details on the findings.

Skype Consulting Call

At best suitable schedule, and to initiate the process, we provide a Skype Consulting Call with Alex, so we acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the case, and share our tried and proved realistic advice in decoding our clients obscure and nagging doubts. Dialogue is essential so that we can draw a psychologic profile of our client and better comprehend the match between his reported doubts and the real characteristics and living conditions of the backgrounded person. 

Details and disclaimers

All the gathered and provided information will be kept strictly confidential between the applicant and FHDating Ltd and never shared with third parties.

The provided information in reports is exclusively intended for private use of the applicant and cannot be used under any pretext and circumstances and does not have legal value. The report sources and content can never be divulged or have legal effect and is not valid beyond the date it was provided to the applicant.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy rules forbade the disclosure, legal use or misuse of the provided information about the screened individuals and considered for strict private guidance porpoises.

FHDating Ltd patent holder expressly disclaims any and all responsibilities by the use of to the private, public or legal use of the provided information and shall not be liable to any person, nor responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the use or publication of the provided information by the applicant.

Background Check Services is strictly a private personal guidance service and does not oblige FHDating Ltd to provide any legal information about the under investigation person identification or any other personal data as address or individual contacts.

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