Dating Background Check

The background check is an essential service for those who are dating Ukrainian women online and understand the need for having an in-country expert insightful feedback erasing nagging doubts upon certain online profiles legitimacy and truthfulness. In response to those disturbing questions, we provide Skype Consultation Calls to evaluate circumstances and advise you based on our tested and proved experience since 2005 interacting with Ukrainian women and foreign men wise.

Operating in-country with a nationwide affiliated offices network grant us a unique and resourceful base to conduct in-depth researches providing our clients accurate and sustainable feedback. Dating Background Check is a discreet tailored service to help men unveil international dating key-features and how to reach information not available through a standard web search. A second consultation call will be held to report and advise the best procedures regarding the findings and future best steps.

Background Check includes:


Background Assessment

This service grants our customers a discrete and private research to evaluate and report on individual authenticity, status, location, and legitimacy. To perform the study and assess the findings, we require information upon the person's online presence as a profile link(s) to the dating website, social network, exchanged communication copies, and photos (optional). To provide exchanged correspondence has the exclusive purpose of allowing our dating expert to have an in-depth reading analyzing the context and evaluate its reliability degree and advise accordingly. Within one to two weeks, a feedback report will be supplied with sustained information on the findings.

Two Skype Video Calls

Free Introductory Video-call to schedule with the online dating expert o draw the case profile evaluate the case acquiring in-depth knowledge of your information and needs. We will then initiate the process if the case is well-founded. The second scheduled Consultation Call is crucial to guide you to perceive better the person's legitimacy and intentions concerning our findings, discuss and advise on the best steps forward.

Details and disclaimers

  • Dating Background Check

The provided information is private and strictly for guidance porpoises of the applicant/customer and does not have any legal binding or can be used under any pretext or circumstances or harm the person targeted by the investigation, reputation, or physical integrity.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy policy forbade the disclosure, legal use, or misuse of any provided information in the form of text or any other sort of files containing information concerning the investigated person. The validity of the information supplied expires on the date it is provided without further action.

The background check report is strictly for the applicant/customer private use and has no legal value or representation whatsoever. FHDating Ltd, in any circumstances, is obliged to provide the information source or any other supporting evidence sustaining the given information, legal identification, or personal data of the targeted person, like home address mobile contact.

Book a Free Introductory Video-call to prior evaluate the extent of our service.


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