Pre-qualified Meet & Match Dating Event (All-inclusive)

The Pre-qualified Meet & Match Dating Event concept is an exclusive service not comparable to any other offered “International Romance Tour.” This gathering is restricted to a suited number of men who recognize the importance of having a matchmaker recruiting process vetting pre-qualified dates.

Being a quality-selective event cannot be massively embracing and needs to gather an equitable selection of personal patterns common to all the participants. For this reason, and to guaranty an upper level of participants and results, our customers start at the Matchmaker Recruitment Process level granted by deposit.

At a certain point and according to the unfolding of your pre-dating experience, you may feel more confident to opt for tailored support to maximize results. In this case, you are free to apply your deposit towards the Matchmaker 24/7 Assisted Personal Trip.

The women interested in participating in our Dating Events will have in our gallery their profiles identified as available to attend. The ones chosen by our male clients will privately assess their profiles and asked for feedback on their real interest in meeting those men. This way, we can enhance success by creating an exclusive group of naturally selected attendees, and with mutual interests and benefits.

To promote and facilitate best options before the event, the selected men and women who reciprocated interest can previously communicate with each other through our video-chat, and later on in private, depending on the communication outcome. In case a promising early connection develops before the man arrival in Ukraine, to safeguard such a growing relationship, that same woman will not attend any group-meeting. The participants' ratio is up to five women per each man and a maximum of 10 men per group.

Meet & Match Dating Event Agenda

— Day-1 (Arrival day in the city- Friday) — Gathering dinner with all assigned interpreters and our male customers. (food and beverages included)

— Day-2 (Saturday) — Get-together lunch in a prestigious place gathering all the five pre-selected women and men each of them accompanied by his assigned interpreter met the previous day. Each man will elect and invite two women for the next day party. (food and beverages included)

— Day-3 (Sunday) — The second event in a new area will gather women men invited from the previous day. (max two guests per each man) The event takes place in various places since a Summer resort, club, or open sky facility as on the video below on this page. (food and beverages included)

— Day 4 to 7 (Departure) — Free time for scheduled private meetings and group activities with your dates and get to know the city with our concierge service support.

Meet & Match Dating Event also includes:

Placing the Booking Deposit grants immediate access to the Matchmaker Recruitment Process, and later on opt, either upgrade to the Matchmaker 24/7 Assisted Personal Trip or attend a Dating Event.

The events are scheduled according to the number of reservations. (A minimum of 5 till a maximum of 15 per event with a ratio of 5 women per each man) 


Airport collective shuttle to hotel and back

At the group arranged arrival time, we will receive our attendees at the airport, and drive to the local hotel, briefing on the upcoming plans. On the trip day-7, another collective shuttle is provided back to the city-airport according to the group pre-arranged schedule. Individual transportation on different dates can be provided at request.

6-nights accommodation (English breakfast incl.)

Per logistic reasons, all the group stays in the same hotel in the city center. Restaurants and other facilities of entertainment can be found within walking. (extended stay is facilitated - consult the details section below on this page)

Transportation to/from the Event's location

During the two events' days, group transportation to the arranged location is included. During the remaining days, private transportation can be provided at request. (consult the details section below on this page). Other concierge services related to booking venues, restaurants, or logistic information is included.

Matchmaker ongoing consultation sessions

Since recruiting day-1 that our Chief Matchmaker and office team is up to date with all attendees (men and women) ongoing communication and outcome. Group morning coaching sessions will be conducted, as sporadic tailored coaching to optimize each individual and results.

Extra-event meetings with potential candidates

Only when in-person meeting your previously selected five candidates, the levels of compatibility become evident, and the matching ability reveals itself. In the eventuality of being necessary to enlarge your options beyond all the women present at the events, we will facilitate to meet at no extra charge; two new never selected women at your choice. (additional meetings can be provided at a price - consult the details below on this page)

10-hours of interpretation service extra events

To facilitate proper introductions with women having insufficient English levels, we offer additional10 hours of interpretation service out from the events'days and at each one's best convenience distributed within the seven days stay. (extra hours can be provided at a price - consult the details below on this page)

Follow-ups and feedback on ongoing meetings

The outcome from the continuous communication with the pre-selected women before the event and during the recruitment phase added now to your dates live-feedback after-meetings, will help us to outline the best direction to take towards your goals and best results with our advice and guidance.

For more detailed information, please contact us.

Details and disclaimers

Additional services to the Meet & Match package


  • Extra nights or upgraded room at a cost

Extra personal meetings and interpreter 

  • Price per each meeting extra pack: $100 
  • Extra pack hour of interpretation: $30

Private shuttle or driving service

  • Cost ($)50 cents per kilometer

For other services, consult the Table Price.



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