Matchmaker Recruitment Process

At this level, we provide a tailored matchmaking service and dating coach to better access your candidates regarding cultural differences, lifestyle, and individual features of personality, never mishandling your safety. Promote video-chat interviews, so you find by yourself the commonality between your goals and those Ukrainian women who demonstrated a legit interest in getting to know you for later exchange contacts and start enjoying private communication to consolidate your dating trip success.

At this upper-level, you are in direct contact with Alex Pinto, a psychologist and long-term experienced matchmaker in Ukraine, coaching men to understand the international dating reality and urge to avoid online dating attractive but often dubious ways and results. Alex holds the intellectual property and authorship of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance he initiated and co-founded, what by itself proves his knowledge and influence in the Ukrainian dating market.

ForHimDating nationwide net of associated professionals help us conduct a comprehensive headhunt matching your preferences. In the time following, we interview your candidates and evaluate your success when talking with them during video-chat, so you also have the opportunity to personally certify yourself upon their legit interest in meeting you and the Personal Trip to Ukraine expected success.

Matchmaker Recruiting Process has two primary purposes:


Matchmaker Recruiting Process includes:

Purchasing the Matchmaker Recruiting Process allows you to, later on, opt, either to upgrade to the Matchmaker 24/7 Assisted Personal Tour or attend a Pre-qualified Meet & Match Dating Event.

The events are scheduled according to the number of reservations. (A minimum of 5 till a maximum of 15 per event with a ratio of 5 women per each man)


6 Skype Consultation Calls with our leading matchmaker Alex

Consult with Alex, our matchmaker, so he acquires more in-depth knowledge of your specific needs and shares his tested and proved experience decoding all nagging doubts related to dating abroad. An open dialogue about your needs and goals is essential to draw your psychological profile and better comprehend the characteristics of preferable matches. 

In-depth application form with personality assessment

Analytical questionnaire on personality assessment, obtaining a better understanding of your personal preferences, well-being, and other decisive factors as your religious orientation compatibility, raising children and acceptance of your future partner children, or place of residence, among many other vital elements to determine the recruitment process.

Guidance on the creation of an appealing dating profile (offline)

Based on your Evaluation Form shared information and acquired personality assessment, we will advise you on how to create your optimal-profile, according to your characteristics and goals. We will help you to, in truth, describe and present yourself through the most appealing texts and photos to attain the most spirited response and favorable outcome.

Self-presentation video to promote within the candidates (optional)

Video has value-added characteristics that enhance assertiveness transmitting a more faithful representation of yourself, granting more positive feedback from the women you prefer. Such video can effectively convey in 2 to 3 minutes a level of information seldom not possible if limiting the women to a text, no matter how well-elaborated it is.

Tailored coaching helping select candidates match ability

We, men, are more visual, which often can fog up our clarity regarding other vital factors personality features of the women, aggravated with cultural differences and language barriers. When selecting these beautiful Ukrainian women, Alex will coach you on individual pros or cons, versus your personality assessment and aptitude for international dating.

Introductory e-mails exchange with the approved women

After interviewing and gather the selected candidates' feedback, your assigned consultant will personally handle and report to the matchmaker all feedback related to your exchanged e-mails context (till a maximum of 20 translated e-mails per candidate). The primary objective of these introductory exchanged emails is to find out the prioritized candidates to start scheduling your self-certification Skype interviews.

7 Skype Video-Chats with your chosen-approved candidates

After the screening process and self-presentation e-mails, we provide you free of charge up to seven 1-hour video interviews with an assistant (translator if required) to use at your best convenience. These video chats have the purpose of ensuring both parties' authenticity, stimulate and evaluate the mutual interest in straightening communication.

Approved candidates private mobile and e-mail contacts

After the video-chat interviews and according to the achieved reciprocity in proceeding to communicate, you can request us the candidates' personal contact information (till a maximum of 7 contacts). It is of the candidates' sole decision to authorize us, providing their personal contacts depending on the achieved commonality after your first video-chats.

Tailored coaching and feedback on ongoing interaction

We provide ongoing consulting and tailored guidance on how to decode cultural and social differences, behaviors, mentality, as also comprehend different forms of expression language-wise. We follow-up both parties, encouraging the best possible comprehension and mutual understanding respecting inherent characteristics and best interests.

In-office dedicated female assistant and interpreter

An assigned consultant and interpreter will keep in regular contact to provide you the candidates' information and share when necessary the Ukrainian woman's perspective. Keep you up to date on your communication improvements and feedback, as also organize your upcoming trip details scheduling your private meetings in Ukraine.

Ongoing matchmaker consulting and coaching calls

Working to help you achieve your best results, Alex collects and evaluate all the essential information from our affiliated matchmakers, assistant, and candidates' feedback. Ongoing consulting calls will be regularly held to discuss: future steps on how to optimize your dating outcome, clarify doubts, and share feedbacks concerning both parties' best interests and results.


For more detailed information, please Contact us or Book a Skype Call

Details and disclaimers

Customer personal information:

The Agreement between ForHimDating and the applicant/customer (you) is confidential. Your personal information and photos are strictly for our staff use within the candidates you solicited us to contact on your behalf. Sensitive info as your email addresses or mobile number will be kept private from your candidates but at your discretion to personally share it. The profile you submitted to our website is closed and never published online.

Feedback and reports

The candidates' feedback content is of their responsibility and initiative, and ForHimDating can not be held responsible for its reasoning, validity, or completeness. Our interaction with both parties has the sole purpose of facilitating and promoting the parties' best results but exclusively restricted to what is true of both parties.

E-mail addresses and mobile contacts of the candidates

During the written e-mail communication exchange, the candidate/customer (you) are free to request and request personal contacts. Disclosing personal information and its use is of the sole responsibility of the parties. ForHimDating is not obligated to provide individual contact information contrarily to the parties' consent.  ForHimDating expressly disclaims any liability recurrent from the usage or misuse of exchanged private information between the parties and shall not be liable to any person, nor responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from its misuse.


Other memberships

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International dating requires qualification and awareness to safeguard success abroad. Screen and qualify your favorite women, reinforcing credibility by testifying on a personal video-call with those who have proved to have legit interest in meeting you. Exchange contacts and enjoy free private communication with ongoing courtship advice and feedback.
After qualifying the candidates and have achieved the desired outcome through our premium qualification service. Now is the time to travel and meet those women assisted by our ongoing feedback and dating coach. Our office concierge support will organize all your trip requirements as airport shuttles, dislocations between cities, and accommodation in safeness and at the best local prices.
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