At this stage, you already experienced the outstanding benefits a Matchmaking Recruiting, and Coaching provided you, supported by resourceful affiliated offices, to help you find those marriage-oriented women you desired. Your personal matchmaker screened and certified those women goodwill and legitimacy, putting you in direct contact with them. Now is the awaited crowning moment to ensure your success meeting those women in person using our Matchmaking Private Trip tailored assistance.

All-inclusive matchmaking trip-level takes care of all your trip logistics, accommodations, and transportation requirements — your dedicated assistant in the office scheduling all your meetings for you before arrival. With your dedicated matchmaker Alex Pinto personally receiving you at the airport briefing and coaching the next steps; you can exclusively focus on your matches and dating success.

Matchmaking Personal Trip includes:


Airport shuttles and inter-cities car transportation

At your arrival schedule, we will receive you at the airport, drive to the hotel, briefing you on the scheduled meetings and coming days plan. If justifiable is included to visit another city according to the area of your best dating options. On your last day of stay, we will drive you back to your returning flight airport at the necessary time.

Ten nights’ accommodation in a hotel or apartment (11 days)

It is up to your decision to stay in a hotel or apartment within our pre-established daily budget. Each option has different offers and characteristics we advise according to your needs. A hotel offers breakfast and restaurant service, while an apartment the atmosphere to receive a guest in privacy. Upgrades and extra days stay are accepted - read Details and Disclaimers.

In-office personal female assistant and consultant

The assigned assistant will keep in regular contact making the bridge between you and the chosen candidates and feedbacks. Your native female assistant experience and reading of the ongoing communication progress is equally of an added value. Also, organizing all the details related to your trip to Ukraine, accommodation, and scheduling your private meetings is in her aptitudes.

Concierge daily-drive supporting the dating venues

During your stay, and when necessary, we provide you with driving assistance to and from your dates and your accommodation place, so you feel safe and supported (no cabs). At your request, we also will assist your sporadic venues and entertainments with your dates, helping you this way, creating the best atmosphere possible.

Dedicated matchmaking support during all process

Since day-1 that your matchmaker is up to date with your ongoing candidates and communication development, and coaching you on how to represent yourself best approaching your favorite women, clarifying and erasing doubts to obtaining the best results. Continuing this work will be now more productive being you on the ground 24/7 with your matchmaker guidance every step of the way.

Unlimited private meetings with screened women

Only when meeting in person the women you are in contact with, the levels of compatibility become more evident, and the degree of match ability may vary. If then considered necessary to enlarge your options, we will work within your preferences, screening other women, for you to meet and optimize your potential success.

30 hours of translation service at best convenience

Unfortunately, Ukrainian English speaking women are bellow 30%, fluent speakers less than half of that, and the significant offer is between sufficient and insufficient level. To facilitate your introductions to Ukrainian women with a lower level of English, we offer 30 hours of translation service at your disposal to able you evaluating the degree of compatibility.

Dating background check the top-chosen candidates

This service entitles you to request us to conduct a discrete and private background check on the candidates more likely to become your partner. So no last-minute surprise jeopardize your success, we will get you vital information on any hypothetical criminal record to waive the grant of a visa, relationship status with ex-husband, and his with the children, as parental rights and legal custody.

Smartphone with 24/7 internet and national calls

During your agreed time with us in Ukraine with our guidance, it is of extreme importance we stay in touch and updated on your steps and needs. Our office and matchmaker need to keep in permanent contact, as also your dates will expect to have a way to communicate with you and arrange second meetings privately.

Details and disclaimers

Additional costs beyond the 10-nights Matchmaking Personal Trip pack

Airport shuttles and inter-cities car transportation

  • We provide departure shuttle on any given day at no added cost
  • Car service includes to a total maximum of 1000 miles (1600 km)
  • Extra mileage is charge at 0.50 Cents per km

Additional accommodation nights beyond the 10th. day

  • Set up daily accommodation cost $80
  • Upgrades require the payment of the excess
  • Extra days of stay are at the client expense
  • Matchmaker housing is at client expense
  • (not needed in the city of Poltava)

Matchmaker additional days

  • Price per each exclusive $180 (after the 8th. day)
  • Price per half-day $100 (last day) 

Private meetings and 30-hours translation service

  • Price per each first-meeting after trip $75
  • Price per extra hour of translation $25

Smartphone with 24/7 internet and national calls

  • Free during all time stay

For other services consult the Table Price



  • Dating Background Check

The provided information is private and strictly for guidance porpoises of the applicant/customer and does not have any legal binding or can be used under any pretext or circumstances or harm the person targeted by the investigation, reputation, or physical integrity.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy policy forbade the disclosure, legal use, or misuse of any provided information in the form of text or any other sort of files containing information concerning the investigated person. The validity of the information supplied expires on the date it is provided without further action.

The background check report is strictly for the applicant/customer private use and has no legal value or representation whatsoever. FHDating Ltd, in any circumstances, is obliged to provide the information source or any other supporting evidence sustaining the given information, legal identification, or personal data of the targeted person, like home address mobile contact.


Other memberships

ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH AUTHENTIC ONLINE DATING IN UKRAINE? Ask our Online Dating Expert to check the background of the women you are in contact with, authenticity and status. Book a Free Introductory Video-call to assess your case. Enjoy a second Consultation Call to share the findings and advise on next steps.
ALL REQUIRED DATING QUALIFICATION AND SCREENING TO SAFEGUARD SUCCESS DATING ABROAD: Screen and qualify your favorite women. Reaffirm and reinforce credibility by video-call the women who have proved legit interest in meeting you. Exchange private contacts and enjoy free communication. Receive ongoing dating advice and feedback.
AFTER YOU QUALIFIED YOUR DATES AND ACHIEVED THE DESIRABLE OUTCOME TO SAFE AND SUCCESSFULLY MEET YOUR CHOSEN WOMEN, YOU'LL ENJOY Unrestricted number of included meetings. Dating adviser support. 7-nights hotel accommodation with breakfast. Airport transfers and transportation to the visited city.
7-DAYS ALL-INCLUSIVE TOUR WITH 2 EVENTS (6/8 hours each) - 1st-DAY WELCOME DINNER WITH PERSONAL ASSISTANTS. 2nd-DAY BARBECUE AT THE LAKE. 3rd-DAY POOL-PARTY. 4th to 7th-DAY UNLIMITED PRIVATE MEETINGS. Transportation, meals, and beverages included at the Events. Airport transfers. 7-nights of hotel accommodation with breakfast.