Besides including all top services from each of our matchmaking levels, and upscaled Multi-City Tour privileges, accommodations, shuttles, and daily drive, are included.

There’s no way to adequately list the benefits and intrinsic value of these tailored services. All test and proved know-how since 2005 committed to the search screen and testify the legitimacy of the candidates matching the customer requirements.

The Personal Matchmaking Plan is for men who understand the advantages of having a trusted advisor in-country entirely dedicate to succeed with unique knowledge and dedicated services only possible through a Personal Dedicated Matchmaker.

If you are a man who is consciously prepared to find a suitable woman in Ukraine, have no available time and recognize the unique advantages of having an exclusively committed team opening inaccessible resources to you, Personal Matchmaking Plan is the optimum decision to guaranty success, optimize time and prevent disappointment.

The PMP has a 1-year time term which is the realistic time frame required since start searching and screening for the legit candidates until the consolidation of a relationship turned possible on the second visit to Ukraine to visit her or her dislocation to your country, as well with our logistic support and guidance.

Personal Matchmaker Plan includes all-in-one levels top features as:

Plus the top services from all different levels:


Multi-City Tour full privileges and services (visit page)

In-depth Evaluation Form with personality assessment

Analytical questionnaire and personality assessment, gaining a better understanding of the customer' personality, goals and preferences, well-being, and location characteristics. This careful analysis is fundamental to start the Match Search process.

Self-presentation video to promote among the candidates (optional)

When described in the first-person, the video is a valuable tool to enhance the person' profile representativeness and to attain the most spirited response from the selected candidates.

Matchmaker unconditional attendance during all process

From Day One the matchmaker is at the customer disposal to personally provide all the necessary assistance regarding how to approach the communication facets, erase and clarify doubts and instruct on how to optimize and get the best from it. The search for the correct matches is not only restricted to our database or recommendations we may propose but also at the request; we can and will evaluate and advice about the authenticity of any other acquainted candidate already in touch with our customer. Widening the options can be requested to privately screen or contact on customer behalf any potential candidate whose profile is public on the internet dating pool.

Regular Skype calls for updates and ongoing consultation

Regular mobile or Skype calls will be held with the matchmaker for updates and discuss further steps on how to optimize the dating process and clarify doubts according to the ongoing feedback from the candidates versus customer expectations and priorities.

Skype video interviews and chats with the candidates

After the selection process, inquiring the chosen candidates and providing E-mails exchange with those who reciprocated interest, we offer free Skype video chats. These supported and translated video chats are the optimal way to ensure credibility and reinforce motivation to both parties acquires guidelines strengthening ties before personally meeting each other.

Twelve nights’ accommodation in a hotel or apartment

The customer decides to stay in the hotel or apartment within the given offers. Both options provide different atmospheres and privileges; the hotel offers breakfast and restaurant service, apartment the privacy of receiving a guest and cook meals in a fully equipped kitchen.

SUV round-trip to the visited cities and back to the airport

Upon arrival, the matchmaker will receive the customer and drive to his accommodations briefing along the way about the latest updates, provide useful information on next steps and best approach to the quest. Transfers will match the pre-defined arrival and departure dates and schedules.

Description of our included top-selected services:

Creation of personalized profile with our guidance

Based on your Evaluation Form and previous Skype Consultation, we will help and guide you on how to create the best-profile accordingly to your characteristics and goals. Select the photos which better represent yourself matching the candidate's expectations and simultaneously reflect a genuine image of yourself to attain the most spirited response and foster the candidate’s interest in communicating with you.

Background Checks on all approved candidates

This service entitles our clients to a discrete and private investigation and reports on his top chosen candidates upon the women legality or eventual issues that may prevent the successful granting of any visa, as; relationship status, problems with the Ukrainian law and children parental rights.

Follow-ups and advice on the candidate's feedback

 We provide dedicated guidance and consulting to both of the interested parties on how to decode cultural differences and behaviors related to social habits, mentality, and language barriers. We facilitate the best ways for comprehension via remote interaction and promote mutual understanding while concurrently respecting both interested parts.

Direct E-mails mobiles contacts with the candidates

While communicating with the candidates by E-mail or Skype chat, you are free to request them their E-mail addresses and mobile contact information which will be given personally or later on under the candidates' agreement.

Personal Dedicated Female Consultant and Interpreter

An assigned consultant and interpreter will keep in regular contact providing the necessary input about the chosen candidates and sharing her native female perspective and knowledge about the ongoing communication progress and feedback from it, as also organizing all the details and demands related with customer’s upcoming trip to Ukraine, accommodations and scheduling the upcoming meetings.

Ongoing feedback and accordingly advice on your dating process

Your assigned consultant and interpreter will keep a regular contact providing the necessary input about your chosen candidates and share her native female perspective and knowledge about the current communication progress, as also organizing all the details and demands related with your upcoming Personal Tour and meetings schedules when in Ukraine. 

Gift Delivery Service provided at the real local cost

We previously inform and discuss with our customers the actual market cost of any chosen item to offer, its characteristics and the proper giving portion of courtship, optimizing effects while minimizing costs.

Concierge and daily-drive supporting dating venues

During the tour term, the customer will enjoy daily driving assistance (no cabs) from/to the accommodation as to the meetings and back or any other entertainments, creating this way a prestigious and safe atmosphere with his dates.

Smartphone with sim-card including national calls

For the term of the stay, we provide a local phone with sim-card with include local calls and text messages to facilitate communication with our staff and the candidates.

Details and disclaimers

Multi-City Tour full privileges and services: for details and disclaimers regarding the services included in Multi-City Tour consult its page.

Requiring the following services beyond the 13-days Personal City Tour imply additional payment.

  • Matchmaker unconditional attendance during all process
  • After-meetings report with the candidates' feedback
  • Concierge and car service to support dating venues

Consult Additional Services table price

Twelve nights’ hotel accommodation or apartment: in both cases, the included daily rate is up to $80. Upgrades can be arranged at the customer responsibility. Staying beyond twelve nights will be paid to the facility at its actual price and depending on availability.

SUV round-trip to the visited cities and back to the airport: in case of extended stay beyond the 13th-day the shuttle back does not imply an additional payment only in case the Matchmaker attendance daily fee service was purchased for the same period as the extent of the stay. Otherwise, the shuttle back to the airport will be provided by a third-party service provider.

Nine nights’ hotel accommodation or upgraded apartment: in both cases, the included daily rate is of $60. Upgrades can be required at the customer responsibility. Extended stay beyond the nine nights plan will be charged at the actual facility rate and depending on its availability.

FHDating LLC expressly disclaims any, and all responsibilities recurrent from the use of private, public or legal use of information shared between any of the represented customers, (male or female) and shall not be liable to any person, nor responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the misuse of the exchanged information.


Other memberships

■ For those who are dating online and have disturbing questions ■ Background Check on legitimacy and status ■ Skype Consulting with analysis and advice
■ Tailored personal profile support ■ Individual inquires of the selected candidate's interest ■ Translated E-mail exchange with ongoing feedback
■ Personalized Match Search tailored to your preferences ■ Direct E-mail mobile contact with candidates ■ Skype Video Calls with the candidates ■ Personal Dedicated Female Consultant
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ To the city transport and 6 nights hotel ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ Inter-Cities transport and 9 nights hotels ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ 2 Events: Indoor and Pool-Party ■ During events meals and beverages ■ Airport and Events shuttle ■ 6 nights hotel and breakfast