Premium Dating Personal Trip

Complementing the Premium Dating Qualification that allowed you to personally certify and approve your candidates, by exchanging personal contacts and develop free and private communication verifying their intentions in meeting you. You have reached a reliable opportunity to succeed, not risking disappointments or unexpected expenses.

The confidence in your candidates is real at this point, and you are safely encouraged to achieve success. At no cost, enjoy those dates plus other additional ones that may appear suitable for you to meet in case you do not feel satisfied with the results achieved with the previously selected ones. Also, benefit as well of our included pack of translation services from using at your best convenience.

Premium Trip provides ongoing relationship development support and feedback from your dates until three months after your departure. Our concierge service will help you organize your accommodation, shuttles, and transportation provided by us or any third parties we trust and responsibly can recommend.

Premium Dating Trip includes:


In place tailored dating advice during the trip time

Since Premium Qualification day-1, we are entirely up to date with your needs and dating process regarding ongoing communication and upcoming meetings. At this point, your advisor is the most accountable person to manage your priorities and provide best-tailored guidance making the bridge between you and the approved candidates. 

Extra personal meetings with potential candidates

Only when in-person meeting your five ongoing matches, the levels of compatibility become evident and the matching ability burst. In the eventuality of being necessary to enlarge your options, we will facilitate to meet at no cost, additional pre-screened women of your choice, till a maximum of 2. (extra meetings can be provided at a price - consult the details below on this page)

10-hours of translation service at your best convenience

Unfortunately, any Ukrainian women database offers less than 30% of English speakers, where few are fluent, and the most within that percentage speak only sufficient or insufficient English. To optimize prospective meeting women with an insufficient level of English, we provide 10-hours of translation service at your best convenience. (additional time can be provided at request - details, and disclaimers below on this page)

After-meeting reports upon candidates' feedback

When meeting women from a different culture, habits, and customs, perception often is not reality. The input you perceive to receive during your meetings may slightly differ from reality. After we have your date's feedback after meeting you, it is of great importance to discuss it and evaluate if both perceived each other correctly, so the relationship progresses positively and smooth.

For accommodation and transportation service consult the details section below

Details and disclaimers

Additional services to Premium Persona Trip:

Airport shuttles and driving service

  • Cost ($)50 cents per kilometer

Matchmaker daily fee when traveling with the client

  • Daily-fee $180,  half-day $100 (only on arrival/departure days) 
  • Matchmaker accommodation is at the client responsibility

Extra personal meetings and interpreter service

  • Price per each meeting extra pack: $100 
  • Extra pack hour of interpretation: $30

For more information, consult the Additional Services table price


Total Price

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