As a professional matchmaking company, the provided human resources and inside-country proved and tested knowledge must be or should be, in parallel with the beauty requirements of the represented women. We long for client men who recognize the vital importance of having in place an experienced, resourceful help finding the best matches.The screened and marriage oriented women we represent also identified in us those characteristics reason why we represent them. Privacy issues as preserving their information owing to nearly situated relatives, professional confidentiality or merely related to a small-town pride and prejudice.

Valid per three months it grants the client the access to the entire database and to indicate to us his favorite candidates by bookmarking the respective profiles. By clicking "Check her interest" in any bookmarked profile, now visible in the client's profile area, we will receive an automated notification about the client's interest in gathering the feedback from the selected candidates.The client's profile in our records will be then privately provided to the selected women for appreciation, and on the client behalf, inquire their legit interest in starting communication. 

The profile information and photos will be attached to a private email and sent to the candidate's inbox. A period of 5 to 7 working days is required to gather the feedback. The feedback will become then visible in the client' profile area (Pending, Accepted, or Declined). To those who accepted communicate as shown in the client profile area. From this moment forward free communication with attached files is allowed within the membership term.


Premium Level includes upgraded services as:



2 Background Checks and Consulting

This service entitles our clients to a discrete and private investigation and reports on any Ukrainian woman on her authenticity, relationship status, residing location and legitimacy. To able us to conduct an analyze and provide the maximum possible information available within our unique research sources, few more than a social network link of the person's profile or dating website will be required. Within one to two weeks a feedback report will be provided with information substantiated in the obtained results and graphic details on the findings.

2 Skype Consultation Calls with matchmaker Alex

At best suitable schedule, and to initiate the process, we provide a Skype Consulting Call with Alex, so we acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the case, and share our tried and proved realistic advice in decoding our clients deep and nagging doubts.
Dialogue is essential so that we can draw a psychologic profile of our client and better comprehend the match between his reported doubts and the real characteristics and living conditions of the backgrounded person. 

Tailored personal profile support with guidance and support 

Based on the client's Evaluation Form and our previous Skype Consultation, we will help and guide on how to create the best-profile possible accordingly to the client characteristics and goals. Selecting the photos that better match the candidate's expectations and simultaneously reflect the client best appearance to attain the most spirited response and foster the candidate’s interest is the best way to start with the right foot.

Tailored support and coach choosing the suitable candidates

From Day One and during the candidate's selection process, written communication and Skype chats with the candidates who reciprocated your interest; we provide tailored guidance to each case optimizing your approach, clarifying both parties’ doubts and advocating personal characteristics to achieve best communication, understanding, and results.

Free translated E-mail exchange with the approved candidates

After the 5 to 7 working days required to gather the selected candidates feedback, our office designated Consultant will personally start handling the clients' E-mails exchange till a maximum of 20 emails per each candidate to the peak of 5 candidates and within the membership term.

Follow-ups with Advice & Guidance on the candidate's feedback

We provide dedicated advice and consulting to both involved parties on how to decode cultural differences and behaviors related to social habits, mentality, and language barriers. We facilitate the best ways for comprehension via remote interaction and promote mutual understanding simultaneously respecting the interests of both.

Gift Delivery Service at real local cost provided before purchase

When the client intends to make an offer to a woman, we previously discuss the proper giving portion of courtship, the most adequated item as its actual local market cost, optimizing effects and minimizing costs.

Details and disclaimers

Customer personal information:

Is kept in strict confidentiality, never published or publicly exposed and for the restricted use of FHDating LLC staff while contacting the nominated candidates by the applicant/client.

Background Checks:

The provided information in reports is exclusively intended for private use of the applicant and cannot be used under any pretext and circumstances and does not have legal value. The report sources and content can never be divulged or have legal effect and is not valid beyond the date that it was provided to the applicant/client.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy rules forbade the disclosure, legal use or misuse of the provided information about the screened individuals and considered for strict private guidance porpoises.

FHDating Ltd patent holder expressly disclaims any and all responsibilities by the use of to the private, public or legal use of the provided information and shall not be liable to any person, nor responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the use or publication of the provided information by the applicant.

Background Check Services is strictly a private personal guidance service and does not oblige FHDating Ltd to provide any legal information about the under investigation person identification or any other personal data as address or individual contacts.

Other memberships

■ For those who are dating online and have disturbing questions ■ Background Check on legitimacy and status ■ Skype Consulting with analysis and advice
■ Personalized Match Search tailored to your preferences ■ Direct E-mail mobile contact with candidates ■ Skype Video Calls with the candidates ■ Personal Dedicated Female Consultant
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ To the city transport and 6 nights hotel ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ Inter-Cities transport and 9 nights hotels ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ 2 Events: Indoor and Pool-Party ■ During events meals and beverages ■ Airport and Events shuttle ■ 6 nights hotel and breakfast
■ Includes Multi-City Membership privileges ■12 nights hotels, full-time transport ■ National wide Personal Match Search ■ 24/7 matchmaker support coaching and guidance