ForHimDating VIP Dating Event is as the name indicates, for a restrict number of pre-selected Very Important Persons, men, and women, who appreciate the exclusivity of a well-selected environment and participants.

To be quality-selective cannot be massively embracing and needs to gather an equitable selection of high personal patterns common to all the participants. For this reason, all our customers start as a Gold Member and enjoy our Personal Match Search service at least two months before the Tour takes place allowing us to learn their goals and taste, as also select from our database the women they would like to meet at the event. Not less critical; to those chosen women it will be given notice about who are our male customers attending the tour, so a natural selection occurs and only motivated women eager to meet those exact men will be participating. 

The ratio of participants is five pre-selected and approved women per each man and to a maximum of 10 men. Each man has a personally assigned Assistant and translator; there only can be a maximum of 60 candidates. The number of female candidates is directly proportional to the number of male attendees.

The first gathering is for lunch at the table over the lake in a thematic park with plenty of free walking areas privileging our guests with privacy under the open sky.

The second gathering will be already with two chosen women each man selected and invited to join the next day at the pool-party in another location. A meal will be served, and places at the pool will be reserved for all our guest for an exciting day with their new friends and who knows, more than that, as the next 4.coming days will be free to enjoy the city in the company of the number-one.

Tour schedule:

Day 1 - Welcome dinner with the assigned Interpreters (included)

Day 2 - 1st. gathering in the countryside (lunch and drinks included)

Day 3 - 2nd. gathering at the pool SPA (lunch and drinks included)

Day 4 - 6th. free to developing ongoing or new relationships

VIP Dating Tour includes:


Gold Membership full privileges and services (visit page)

Matchmaker personal attendance during all tour period

From Day One since the candidate's selection process, till the customer arrival, and during all the tour, the Matchmaker will provide tailored guidance to the customers based on years of experience tried and proved in-country experience, according to the customer needs and the characteristics of the chosen women who reciprocated interest.

After-meetings report with the candidates' feedback

The input gathered from the candidates since the beginning of the process added to the feedback after meetings based on interpreter's native female perception and experience, will be discussed between the customer and the Matchmaker to define the best strategies accordingly to the reciprocity and commitment expressed from the candidates. 

Round-trip bus to the visited city and back to the airport

Upon arrival, we receive the customers at the airport in the scheduled day and drive to hotel briefing along the way about the latest updates, provide useful information on next steps and best approach to the tour.

Round-trip bus to the gatherings and back to the hotel

From the first day until the third day, all the participants will dislocate in group transported by us and according to the gatherings' schedules.

Six nights’ in a hotel in the city center with breakfast

The hotel offers breakfast and restaurant service and is within walking distance from all points of interest and nightlife venues in the city

Concierge and car service for sporadic dating venues

During the tour term, the customer can enjoy occasional driving assistance from/to meetings and back or any other entertainments within the city limits, creating this way a prestigious and safe atmosphere with his dates.

Local mobile with sim-card including national calls

During the Tour term, we provide a local phone with sim-card and include local calls and text messages to facilitate communication with our staff and the candidates.

Details and disclaimers

Gold Membership full privileges and services: for details and disclaimers regarding the services included in Gold level consult Gold Membership page.

Requiring the following services beyond the 7-days Tour imply additional payment.

  • Matchmaker dedicated attendance during extra days
  • After-meetings report with the candidates' feedback
  • Concierge and car service to support dating venues

Consult Additional Services table price

The dates to deliver the customers back to the airport is not flexible. Departures beyond the 7-day tour plan imply the payment of new transportation. Consult Additional Services' table price

Six nights’ hotel with breakfast: the included daily rate is of $60. Upgrades can be required at the customer responsibility. Extended stay beyond the six nights plan will be charged at the hotel rate and depending on its availability.

Customer obligations:

The Client is responsible for airline tickets, meals and any other personal costs beyond those included in the services description. FHDating Team will gladly help to find the best available rates and all need-to-know steps and gear.

The customer agrees to be honest and forthcoming with the Personal Consultant as well as the women involved and to treat all parties with respect and dignity.

For more detailed information, please read Terms & Conditions of use.

FHDating LLC expressly disclaims any, and all responsibilities recurrent from the use of private, public or legal use of information shared between any of the represented customers (male or female) and shall not be liable to any person, nor responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the misuse of the exchanged information.


Other memberships

■ For those who are dating online and have disturbing questions ■ Background Check on legitimacy and status ■ Skype Consulting with analysis and advice
■ Tailored personal profile support ■ Individual inquires of the selected candidate's interest ■ Translated E-mail exchange with ongoing feedback
■ Personalized Match Search tailored to your preferences ■ Direct E-mail mobile contact with candidates ■ Skype Video Calls with the candidates ■ Personal Dedicated Female Consultant
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ To the city transport and 6 nights hotel ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Gold Membership privileges ■ Unlimited personal meetings and interpreter ■ Inter-Cities transport and 9 nights hotels ■ Permanent Personal Matchmaker consulting
■ Includes Multi-City Membership privileges ■12 nights hotels, full-time transport ■ National wide Personal Match Search ■ 24/7 matchmaker support coaching and guidance